A self-curated photo exhibition where the artist released his first ‘self-published’ 92 pg.  photobook titled “ULTRAVIOLET” on Jan 16th, 2020. Showcasing a collection of photographs and stories he documented through the years of 2018 and 2019. The two year collection was a compilation of artists and new faces scouted. Within, presented works of styling, directing, and location scouting, which includes collaborative works with (b).stroy, Basketball Skateboards, and S.U.S.H.  


The photographs for this book revolved around individuality introducing the viewers to Justin's journey with the characters and brands through this medium of storytelling. 

The stylized photobook has attributes from Justin’s inspirations like skateboard magazines, fashion magazines and comic books. This book is designed graphically and periodically by the artist, Justin.


Wanting to captivate the essence of ULTRAVIOLET; Justin caught in-the-life moments with his friends that are either featured in the book or were apart of his journey. Justin captured his friends viewing the book before the release. Unscripted and raw; first go. This edit was dropped a day or two before his show. 

photos by Dé Randle


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