"Life Lessons from Uncle LizardMan"

published in print for NUDA Paper

styled and photographed by Justin Heron

Assisted by Dé Randle

"What defines a human being?"

*excerpt from the book* 

"Back in his late teens, Erik Sprague was just another young philosophy major tackling that eternal question. His particular method of investigation, however, would turn out all the more unique, developing into a life-long art project while granting him a career as one of the world's foremost freak show acts. Using various means of extreme permanent body modification-full-body tattoos, sharpened teeth, a split tongue, etc- 

Erik Sprague has now spent the majority of his life as Lizard-man. After appearances on the Ripley's Believe It or Not! TV series skyrocketed him into superstar status, Lizardman has toured relentlessly-swallowing swords, breathing fire and performing flesh hook suspension acts for awestruck crowds around the world. Calling in from the Austin, Texas home he shares with his wife and pet ferrets, Lizardman spoke to Professor of Practical Philosophy Gustaf Arrhenius about transference, fame, and how cutting of your own arm might be the path to mind-body harmony...." 

Edited by Kornél Kovács 

from pg. 226

"If I stopped behaving human and stopped looking human, would they have to expand the definition to include me?"

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