Capyac - On My Own

Ciceley Fullylove debute

Wonderland Magazine Premiere

Published excerpt:

..“Directing this video with CiCi was something truly special. We felt that “On My Own” was a powerful statements about the strength of women’s voices and the freedom that comes with speaking that TRUTH. We wanted to take everyone back to a familiar setting and creating a simple visual narrative that inspires others to find their own voice and make choices that empowers them. Through this video, we can celebrate the courage and resilience of women who break free from toxicity and dance down their own path to soulful righteousness”..

- Dé & Justin

- Production Credits -

CAST • Protagonist: Ciceley Fullylove Antagonist: Dom Ivory CREW • Director/DP: De Randle Director: Justin D. Heron PA: Kiyana Williams G&E: Roman Hernandez Grip: Brandon Porter POST: Editor/Colorist: Caleb Powers

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