AKNA Store - "Algo en Ti"

Fashion Film Dir by Londonn Corpás

AKNA Store 

behind the scenes documentation by Justin Heron

Algo En Ti 

*excerpt from W Magazine*

Aidan (AKNA founder and designer)  traces the origins of this obsession with glamour in the “Algo En Tí” video—stitching together memories of his mother’s hand-sewn Carnival costumes, Golden Age Mexican films, and cumbia melodies from his grandfather’s guitar. Together with Jenn, the two traveled to Texas to shoot the music video with director Londonn Corpás and Camp Lucky productions, who were fans of AKNA and worked pro bono. “It was a huge fear, flying as an immigrant for the first time since moving to Southern California in the mid-aughts, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by,” he says.

by Mariella Rudi

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